Wonderful Promotional Custom Flying Banner Feather Flying Flag


Product Categories

Beach Flag / Feather Flag


100% polyester

  a. Polyester Pongee

68D(45-50g); 75D(60g);100D(75g);150D(80g)

  b. Knitted Polyester

80g; 110g; 120g; 120g mesh; 130g; 150g; 150g mesh; 230g; 300g;


PANTONE Color System; CMYK; Solid Color; Spot Colour; Gradient Color


Customized/Any size can be made

Common Beach Flag Pole size: 2.8m; 3.5m; 4m; 4.5m; 5m; 5.6m; 6m; etc.

Common Beach Flag Shape: Angled; Concave; Convex; Straight; Teardrop; etc.

Printing Skill——

Silk Screen Printing; Digital Printing

  a. Silk Screen Printing

Single layer, 100% back side image penetration

  b. Digital Printing

Single layer, 80% back side image penetration

Double layers, two flags sewing together, with or without black-out lining


Customized/Any design can be made/AI or PDF artwork need to be provided


Ground; Grass; Sand; Tyre; etc.


Customized/Any accessories can be made on the flag

  a. Basic

Loop+Elastic+Metal Hook; Rope; Eyelet+Elastic+Metal Hook; etc.

  b. Others

Label; Hang tag; Cardboard; Adhesive Sticker

Sleeve/Pole Pocket

White; Black; Same color as the flag; etc.


Double sewing lines; Single sewing lines; Four sewing lines; Corner reinforcement; etc.

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